Shoe, Boot & Luggage Repair That Saves Money

At The San Antonio Shoe, Boot and Luggage Repair Shop, you’ll find trustworthy and qualified craftsman. No matter what type of shoe, boot or piece of luggage has been broken or been victim of everyday wear and tear, we take pride in fixing it right the first time.

The cost of replacing shoes, boots or leather products can be expensive compared to repairing them. We recommend “repairing” your favorite boots, shoes, purses, belts and luggage before going out and buying new ones.  

Let us prove we are the best choice for repairing your favorite shoes, boots, purses, luggage and restoring your leather items.

Proudly Serving San Antonio Since 1997.


"I love my shoes, so when something goes wrong, or my soles are worn out it's great to know that San Antonio Shoe & Luggage Repair is a place I can take them for quick and quality repair"

-Debbie Johnson


"San Antonio Shoe & Luggage Repair is like the extreme home makeover of boots! My husband and I spend most of our free time on our ranch, and that takes a pretty big toll on my boots. When I brought them in to be repaired, I figured they were a lost cause. Boy was I wrong! After replacing the soles and refurbishing the leather my boots looked nearly brand new!"

-Julia Estrada


"I needed new buckles for an antique briefcase left to me by my grandfather, I was having no luck on my own. Thankfully, I found this great place. Chris worked over a week with me to find the perfect buckles without compromising the look of the briefcase. It's good to know that some companies are still willing to be so helpful and patient to a customer's needs"

-Denny Nelson